Malt Dextrin

December 21, 2016 0


Malt dextrin is a starch hydrolyzate with a DE value of 5-20. Falling between starch and starch sugar, it is a cheap, creamy, tasteless, and nutritional polysaccharide. Generally, malt dextrin is a mixture of multiple DE values. It can be either a white powder or a concentrated liquid. It features good liquidity, no smell, and almost no sweetness. It dissolves well with a moderate viscosity. With a low hygroscopicity, it does not cake up easily. It is a good carrier for various sweeteners, flavoring agents, fillers, etc.. It provides a good emulsifying and thickening effect, so it can help products shape up and suppress the product structure. Its film-forming ability prevents product deformation while improving product appearance. It is easily absorbed by the body, making it an ideal base for food formulated for the sick, infants and kids. It can well stabilize the foams in food and beverages. It inhibits crystallization of crystalline sugar and has a significant “anti-sanding” and “anti-melting” effect.It is of low sweetness, no smell, great digestibility, low calorie, good solubility, and little fermentability. It is a good filler, provides low hygroscopicity, and has a great thickening effect. It is an ideal carrier, is highly stable, and does not go bad easily. Malt dextrin is rich in polysaccharides and contains calcium, iron and other trace elements and minerals that are good for human body and promote metabolism

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