Crepe paper

December 21, 2016 0


1. Medical crepe paper is constituted by pure wood pulp, with special porous construction, and can use the mediums including high pressure steam and ethylene oxide to deviously penetrate into package, with 100% penetration rate. Experimental results show that the crepe paper has excellent bacteria retaining effect.2. Its stronger penetrability can ensure the sterilization effect of hospital and factory.3. Its higher barrier property against bacteria can ensure the long-term storage in CSSD and medical devices factory, so as to guarantee the aseptic condition of operating rooms. For the crepe paper conforming to quality requirements, taking the 60 g/m2 crepe paper as an example (GB/T 19633-2005 Packing for Terminal Sterilized Medical Devices), generally the aseptic supplies should be six months.4. The soft paper characteristic is suitable for innocent treatment and can achieve the good environmental protection effect.

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